Code of conduct

Code of conduct

The College aims at providing education with high moral values. Only the sincere students who are committed to hard work in studying need to apply. The students are expected to maintain strict discipline and order in and out of the campus. In furtherance of its commitment to the environment of honesty, fairness and mutual respect, the College takes serious cognisance of acts of academic/ professional misconduct that include cheating on academic exercises, plagiarism, misrepresentation etc.They should devote their full attention to study and should not waste time unnecessarily. All the students will be governed by the rules, ordinance and regulations framed by the University / College and amendments to be effected from time to time. As per the resolution of the Governing Body of NEF College, under no circumstances, the students can claim the right to form Students’ Union Body.

  • Students should not indulge in
  • 1. Ragging
  • 2. Teasing or intimidating
  • 3. Addiction to Drugs or Alcoholism
  • 4. Quarrelling or fighting
  • 5. Any other activity involving moral turpitude or criminal action etc.

Moreover, given the seriousness of issues like sexual harassment and ragging (especially in the light of judgments delivered by the Supreme Court of India in Visakha v. State of Rajasthan and PIL by VishwaJagriti Mission) the College considers these to be acts of grave misconduct. Students found guilty on any of the above causes will have to face panel action such as Cancellation of Admission or expulsion from College.


The College views ragging as a social menace and in the light of the Supreme Court of India Order, May 2007 (based on Raghavan Committee Recommendations) on prevention of ragging in Educational Institutions, NEF College of Management & Technology has formed an Anti-Ragging Committee with the Director in the chair. The Committee has teaching staff as well as representatives of students as its members. The Committee shall ensure that no student is being harassed in the name of ragging. Students who are found to be involved in ragging shall be strictly dealt with and punished, which in certain cases may even lead to expulsion of the guilty students from the College.