Principal's Desk

From the desk of the principal

My Dear Students,

While welcoming you to this upcoming academic institution under NEF Umbrella, I want to offer my heartiest wishes towards your exciting journey for the next two to five years. These years will be a turning point in your life and will boost you in a different career orbit.

During your study in this Institution, you will be able to imbibe new knowledge, learn new skills and get a bird’s-eye view of the global corporate world. In order to make your learning enriching and interesting I shall make available all facilities required for your all round academic development.

It is true that no dream is farfetched nor is all dreams unattainable. Life without aspiration is like living without soul. No dream is too big; no step is too small. Therefore put your talents and resources to produce more in future life and to contribute to the society.

I firmly assure that there exists a certain amount of duty of a student primarily to concentrate and devote time for his/ her studies and maintain discipline at a social and personal level. This is the only route to success. In the present times marked by great competition, one might not reach the desired height of success, if one does not foster discipline and hard work. The famous saying “As You Sow, So You Reap”, stand to justify this. Thus it is my earnest request to all the students here to concentrate and devote time on academic affairs.

I am confident that this Institution will go a long way in imparting quality education to students in times to come and it gives me immense pleasure to be a part of the foundation stone of this Institute.

I feel and believe that “persistence and dedicated hard work is the key to success”. Therefore, I earnestly and sincerely advise all the students to follow the statement of Swami Vivekananda who stated “the goal may be a distant, but awake, rise and stop not till the goal is reached”

With best wishes

Dr. Ghanashyam Nath M.Com., LL.B.,  Ph.D.
(Former Principal, Gauhati Commerce College,
K.C. Das Commerce College)